Napa Valley Concierge Medicine Patient Testimonials

 “A PR opportunity for my winery got me together with Heather Peña when she was Director of the One Program at St. Helena Hospital. The LA Times was doing a story comparing executive health programs across the country. I volunteered to go through the One Program and spent a day being interviewed and photographed giving blood, exercising on the treadmill, etc. As Heather put me through her state-of-the-art testing she noticed right away that my cholesterol seemed high. Later, when she called me with the lab results I was shocked to learn that my levels were dangerously high. That was my wake up call and it quite literally changed my life. Seven years later I’m 20 pounds lighter, exercise regularly and eat to live. More than once Heather’s skill at early detection has paid off for me. I love the personal attention and the convenience of knowing that wherever I am in the world, if I need medical advice or attention, I only have to make one call: 707-967-9000.”

— Doug Shafer, President Shafer Vineyards

“My wife Evalyn and I have been under Heather Peña’s watchful care since we met in 1993 at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica. We helped to convince Heather to come north to head up St. Helena Hospital’s wellness program. Dr. Peña is all about preventive medicine. Her unswerving drive to catch potential problems early is what sets her apart. I speak from personal experience: twice she has detected abnormalities —that other doctors who test less and talk more might have missed—in time to do something about them. She LISTENS...really listens to the whole story. Caring is just in her DNA. Frankly, Evalyn and I count on Heather to help us maintain our health and quality of life for as long as possible.”

–– Louis “Bob” Trinchero, Owner Trinchero Family Estates

“Physician, do NOT heal thyself.’ That’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of why I’m such a believer in Heather Peña and her concierge practice. As a physician myself, I’m intimately acquainted with the labyrinth that healthcare has become. I know how frustrating it can be to navigate a system where information is often jealously guarded and rarely shared. I know how critical it is to have a compass, and for me, Heather is that compass. Just like everyone else, doctors need a doctor who really listens, who can get a second opinion instantly, who is on top of the latest breakthroughs, methods, and techniques. But most of all they need the calm, concentrated integrative navigation that Heather brings to the practice of medicine. As a humanist, she concentrates on the whole person and has dedicated herself to discovering and resolving potential problems before they become apparent. And she works hard to make sure you know what you need to do to prevent their reappearance. If serious problems do arise, Heather is there not only to find the finest specialists, but to actually accompany you to consult with them. Heather’s concierge practice is the antidote for the impersonal, hurried, non-communicative business that the art of healing has become.”

–– David Holbrooke, MD Sausalito, California

“Knowing you, your wonderful care and the example that you set for all who know you, really accounts for all these many years that I’ve enjoyed. (As of May 2012) I am now 80 years old.  Both my parents never made it past 60. I attribute this to what I learned from you at Pritikin all those many years ago following my heart attack in 1982. That’s when I changed my lifestyle. You had everything to do with it. Amazing isn’t it how one person can make such an impact and change in someone’s life…I just wanted to let you know that you “accounted for” and made a very big difference in my life.  I thank you from my heart and wish you and yours ‘all things good’ always.”

–– Bobbe Schlesinger
Golden Beach, Florida

“After unsuccessfully trying out a large concierge medical group in San Francisco, I found Heather Peña. There are three things I want from my doctor: access to the finest specialists when needed, the navigational skills to get things done 24/7, and a powerful wellness program tailored to me, my body, my life. My wife Mary and I agree that Heather Peña provides all three and so much more. Besides being one of the most nurturing and caring physicians you will every meet, she is also one of the most thorough diagnosticians, determined to search out potential problems long before they become apparent. That’s why Heather is one of the strongest members of our ‘team’ providing the best, world class medical care right here, close to home. Basically we can’t say enough about Heather and the difference she has made in our lives. Heather is a treasure!”

–– Mary & Fred Constant, Proprietor Diamond Mountain Winery

 “Bart and I discovered Heather in 2003 when she was heading up the executive health program at St. Helena Hospital. Unlike other one-day executive programs, our checkup actually started several days in advance with a call from Heather to learn of any questions or concerns we might have. On the day of our checkup she spent the full day with us, thoroughly explaining each test’s results and what we could do to maintain or improve our health in each area. She also made sure we knew we could call on her with any questions in the future. She was so thorough and caring, in fact, that she’s been our doctor ever since. Beyond her impeccable professional credentials, Heather's innate warmth, empathy, and passion for preventative care make the patient-physician relationship very special. She takes the time to help you communicate what is really going on with you, then analyzes and researches the best course of action. Frankly, this is an experience of medicine all too rare.”

–– Daphne & Bart Araujo, Proprietors Accendo Cellars and Wheeler Farm's